Our in-house team is committed to bring clients the perfect solution for their needs.

We rely on high-tech machinery to provide a highly-specialized cutting service to our clients.

Out interlining cutting service for shirting or tape cutting to the desired sizes and dimensions is delivered with a serious focus on excellence.


We cut all the components necessary for shirting, blouses, coats and jackets, or other garments.

Some examples: Collars, Cuffs, Male, Zip Flies, Peaks, Stripes, Belt Loops, Welt Pockets, Tops, Lapels.


Our services focus on bringing added value to the garment supply chain.

To improve the processes of applying thermal adhesive and production, we reinforce the collar or cuffs with top stitching.


We provide all the types of tape necessary to incorporate and improve the making of garments.

We cut tapes in several types and sizes, according to the clients’ requests.

Tapes can be cut with bias or straight, with Tear Tape, with Sewing, among others.


Perforated bands are made to the clients’ specifications.